23 May 2010

New Signs and Services for Brockley Station

It was warm, not a cloud in the sky and it's about ten to seven. A few of us (well Darren, Kate, Tamsin and myself) assembled at Brockley Station to catch the first train to Dalston Junction on this the first day of the new London Overground service. The entrance to Brockley Station has had a bit of a makeover to rival the Brockley Common. A somewhat exciting start to our journey.

The first train is actually delayed and this is the first train that called at Brockley this morning. I think Brockley Central should have a competition for the first person to have a picture of every one of the 20 trains on the London Overground service at Brockley Station.

Our delayed train came along shortly...and here it is in the sun.

The journey continued over the new bridge at New Cross Gate offering a good view of the new depot, incinerator and the various railway lines criss-crossing the area. The train soon rattled through the various stops.

In no time at all we arrive at Dalston Junction. The balloons are here too...but in what looks like the aftermath of a party celebrating Diane Abbot's decision to make a pitch for the Labour leadership some of them have been burst

The journey back was smooth and uneventful and when we got back to Brockley new signs were being erected.

Welcome to the London Overground.

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