13 April 2010

Another incident in Brockley (updated)

I have just returned from Brockley Station and seen that Coulgate Street and Foxberry Road are zoned off with blue and white Police tape.


I genuinely hope that the short time between this incident and the shooting last week have arisen by chance rather than indications of a larger problem that has until now been below the radar of most people's experience. However the sight of blue and white tape and diversions on the way home tonight will cause concern to many and particularly when this has come so soon after the shooting incident in Brockley Cross.

I have asked for information and a response from Lewisham's officers and will let you know when I have this.

UPDATE 18:05
I spoke earlier with one of the senior police officers at Lewisham. He confirmed that (thankfully) the injuries sustained by the victim were 'not life-threatening or life-changing' - and I have taken that to mean that the victim will survive.

I expect to speak with the Brockley Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Sergeant tomorrow morning to learn about the plans for explaining the incidents to members of the local community and how the Police and Lewisham intend to respond to these incidents.

Quite rightly the local people need reassurance that they remain safe - but very visible and unsettling events like these can damage their sense of safety.

UPDATE 13:00 14 April 2010
I have spoken with the Police Sergeant at the Safer Neighbourhood Team and confirmed that the incident was in fact another shooting incident.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team will be conducting additional patrols in the area. Depending on how the investigation proceeds and whether there is a need to provide greater reassurance the Police may take some further actions.


Brockley said...

this is becoming a concern amongst many residents also because some smaller incidents have occurred recently near the station. For example about a month ago a mum with her two children walking home from the station found a kitchen knife under a car parked in front of the Brockley Barge.
I think the areas between Brockley Station and Brockley Cross need a plan by the Council to improve further and make these incidents a thing of the past; too many shop closed, and too many betting agencies; too many MOT places that close in the evening instead of family friendly shops and bars like the Browns and the Toads Mouth; Harefield Mews that is semi-abandoned; probably the only place in zone two without a parking permit policy near a tube/rail station.

Personally I do not want to transform Brockley into East Dulwich and Nappy Valley, however we can keep the village field and improve the safety of the area by making it more commercially attractive to shops and bars.

I wonder what other residents think about the problem.

Carri said...

'another incident in Brockley', sadly to my knowledge Brockley and London in general has never been a 100% crime free zone. The facts are incidents happen everyday, and yes every now and then Brockley residents are going to experience these problems on our doorsteps. There are areas that are in need of regeneration, which I support, but the idea of filling Brockley with 'family friendly shops' as an answer to ridding the area of crime is naive. The people involved in these incidents probably live in the area, and will continue too, whether there is a MOT garage or a 'trendy deli' on their road. I don't know if todays incident was related to youths, (or as I heard a 'domestic'), but recent incidents may also coincide with the schools and colleges being on Easter break. For me the answer is not to create places that exclude large sections of community, of all ages, and races, as we are not all in typical middle class family units.(This is not an attack on the middle class, not everything is about you). I am concerned about safety, however Brockley has not turned into some dangerous minefield of guns and knifes, but as in anywhere in London, from Chelsea to Hackney, never take it for granted that incidents won't happen, unfortunately. Talk of just cosmetic changes is merely putting a band aide over a deep cut.

Brockley Cross, and those roundabouts is in dire need of a revamp, I recall plans being put forward years ago, wonder is anything came of that.