16 February 2010

Campaign Update

My candidacy has been covered in the local papers (Mercury, Newshopper and South London Press) and local blogs. Yesterday, in my first appearance on radio, I was called by Lewis Schaffer, who hosts the Voice of Americans on Resonance FM to participate in his show. He's already had Steve Bullock and Chris Maines so I was a natural choice. Lewis did announce on air that he'd wanted the Tories but despite many calls and emails they had no got back to him. As I reminded his listeners I was very happy to be there, and in fact the results of the 2009 European Elections when the Greens beat both the Conservatives and the Lib Dems in a Lewisham were instructive.

It was good to talk about the campaign including support for local shops and services within walking distance and the need to provide cycle facilities there. Lewis's main gripe was the failure in his borough (Southwark) to provide short-term parking facilities at local shopping parades and as a consequence he considers they miss out on a lot of passing trade. Recent experience from Crofton Park has shown that short-term parking can facilitate this type of shopping, but all day parking can merely be filled by the trader's vehicles themselves which rather defeats the point...

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