23 January 2010

Something you might not have known about libraries...

Following an item on the library service in Lewisham, one of our officers sent some further briefing about the library services across the UK and how they work together. Holidaying in the UK, short on space in the suitcase for holiday reading...some people might not know about this so I have posted the information here below:

"Antonio Rizzo, the Head of the Library and Information Service has helpfully provided the following to the Select Committee:

Anyone living, studying or working in the borough is entitled to join Lewisham's libraries. On 28 September 2009, the Society of Chief Librarians (www.goscl.com) launched the Universal Membership initiative. This scheme allows anyone with a Lewisham library card to join (and gain privileges from) more than 4,000 other public libraries across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Customers are able to borrow books from any library, and in some cases use other services such as DVD rental, online resources and classes. Library users simply need to show their existing library card, or proof of ID and address, to join or access the library they are visiting.

The card is being marketed through the Council Website and through specific initiatives (e.g. Free Swim initiative), shared marketing campaigns (e.g. Be More), and direct recruitment (particularly with schools). The service is continuing to look at ways in which to extend coverage and usage, particularly targetting those under the age of 16."

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