29 January 2010

On Standing for Mayor

Many people in Lewisham are struggling with unemployment, low wages, inadequate housing and a council that doesn't do enough to help them live a greener lifestyle. As Mayor, I will push for policies that make Lewisham a better place to live by offering people the help they need.

Yesterday I was joined by London's Green MEP outside the Town Hall at the start of my official campaign as the Green Party Candidate for Mayor.

Jean Lambert MEP has represented London as its Green MEP since 1999.

Commenting on the record of the Green Group in Lewisham, Jean said:

"Greens on Lewisham council have successfully fought against cuts to essential services, they have secured a living wage for low-paid council workers, and they continue to push for a scheme to provide free home insulation for every household in Lewisham. If this is what can be achieved by half a dozen councillors, imagne what a Green Mayor could do for the people of Lewisham."

Indeed this is something I have done for quite sometime both before putting my nomination for selection by the Party and in the run up to the official launch.

The key pledges announced yesterday are :

* ensuring 50% affordable housing in larger new developments
* no cuts to social care support for elderly and disabled people
* an extensive programme of tree planting scheme throughout the Borough
* free insulation for every home to cut fuel bills and save energy
* working to keep new and existing schools in local authority control
* expansion of the operating hours of Safer Neighbourhood teams to ensure more visible community policing

At the last Lewisham-wide election in 2009 the Greens came second with 18% of the Lewisham-wide vote - click here (page 16).

Looking ahead to May 6th, as well as candidate a for Mayor, Lewisham Green Party we'll be standing candidates in every ward in Lewisham. We have a very good chance of increasing the number of Greens on the Council and having an even stronger Green voice over the next 4 years.

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