11 December 2009

The last train to Charing Cross.

Southern's service cuts programme came closer today with the last 0532 direct service to Charing Cross.

Tonight I'll be catching the direct service from Charing Cross for the last time.

From a personal perspective these services provide a very convenient and direct link with Central London. I am sure I'm not alone in regretting the cutting of these services - and certainly the level of interest shown by the local groups, commuters and Lewisham Council demonstrates this.

Planning timetables and the like takes months - so it was almost inevitable that when the new timetable was published without the direct services to Charing Cross it was a 'done deal'. I hope we have an opportunity now to push once again to reverse the proposed changes brought in on the back of the East London Line (saw one of the trains the other day).

The meeting with Southern, local Councillors and the Mayor to discuss these cuts has been set for 17th of this month. Too late for these cuts to the Charing Cross service.

And so it is I arrive, for the last time, on a direct train, at Charing Cross. For once it's on time and I'll arrive on the tube platform just as a train arrives...and I did!

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