11 December 2009

And one of the last ones home - 2237 From Charing Cross to Brockley

On account of the engineering works this weekend I am now on one of the last direct services from Charing Cross to Brockley. It feels very civilised - and a bit sad that this is happening - there is not even the prospect of a high frequency tube service to make up for it.

To me it does not feel that the publicly-supported railway industry is addressing the wants of either hard-pressed commuters coming home in the early evening or the people who actually live in London so that they can enjoy the West End, the theatre, a drink, meet with friends or like me go to my German nightclass.

I am sure I will find a new routine quickly - but it won't be as convenient. It will take a bit longer, will involve changing trains and using tubes more but will not be any cheaper - how I love being able to sit in a comfy seat for a good 20 mins reading a book or a paper. I am sure my irritations will be shared by a sizeable proportion of the 11.5 million people going in and out of our stations in a year.

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