18 September 2009

Safety Improvements for Brockley Cross Proposed

Wednesday's Mayor and Cabinet proposed saftey improvements for Brockley Cross. The report titled "LIP Funding 2010-11" contains the following proposals to Transport for London:

"First year: Design and implement safety scheme improvements at
Brockley Cross and Brockley Road between Brockley Cross and
Adelaide Avenue. Footway improvements in Coulgate Street
south of the ramp and some public realm improvement projects
along Brockley Road to enhance the local safety scheme. The
works in Coulgate Street will complement the works already
carried out as part of the Brockley Common scheme. St Asaph
Road has recently been subject to two highway schemes and
further footway improvements will integrate these works. Design
of public realm improvements to Brockley Cross will commence
for implementation in the second year.

Second year: Implement public realm improvements at Brockley
Cross and implement any station access scheme proposals,
subject to funding approval from TfL as part of the Area Based
Schemes programme."

The bid needs to be signed off by TfL - however it'l; be interesting to find out what is actually being proposed. In fact I'll think I'll ask a question about it!

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Sue said...

oops, didn't see your post before I wrote mine- that's twice today we've done that - spooky!