25 September 2009

No End In Sight??

Following my question on the Brockley Station scheme, the Deputy Mayor was unable to confirm when the works at Brockley Station will be finished. This is a shame and I am sure we all hope it will be finished very soon.

The Deputy Mayor did take issue with my comments that the 'long drawn out' nature of the scheme had left many local people distintcly unimpressd with Lewisham's performance. The Deputy Mayor was keen instead to stress that the scheme will be seen to improve the area - which is due in part to the doggedness of the local groups and people in making sure that high quality materials are used.

By way of example I noticed how attractive the paving outside the Civic Suite is following its complete replacement. Of course the Civic Suite should look welcolming - it's seen by many and will be used to judge Lewisham by many. Brockley Station fulfills a similar role of setting a tone for how visitors will feel about Brockley.

As a closing remark, you'll know what I want for Christmas...but I would expect to have it well before then.

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