15 September 2009

Defending Rail Services in Lewisham

Following the recent concerns expressed about the curtailment of rail services from stations along the South London Line I have proposed the following motion to the Council on 24 September:.

"This council calls on the Mayor to write to Southern rail, Transport for London and the Secretary of State for Transport to:

• Express the council's grave concerns about Southern's plans to reduce off-peak and evening peaktime services to and from London Bridge on the Brockley/Sydenham line from six to four per hour, a reduction of one third, and to oppose these service cuts;
• Ask for an explanation for Southern's refusal to attend a recent meeting with council officials and residents to explain the planned service cuts and invite them to a further meeting, to include the Mayor himself and ward councillors from affected areas;
• Seek a full explanation of the planned service cuts and clarification on the maximum capacity of the rail line for both East London Line and London Bridge services; and
• While wholeheartedly welcoming the new East London Line service, oppose any reduction in services to London Bridge that are carried out purely for financial reasons rather than capacity reasons and lobby instead for the maximum possible services to London Bridge."

I hope that the motion can acheive support from all Parties on Lewisham Council - and if you're reading this please do encourage your local Councillors to support this motion. Find out who your local councillor is from here

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