30 September 2009

31 Homes Kept Emtpy in Lewisham

It appears that Lewisham is keeping at least 31 homes vacant at the moment - some for over 2 years. No reason is given for this. The financial cost of the lost rent is currently estimated at £50,000.

The full question and answer is repeated below:




Question by Councillor Walton
of the Cabinet Member for Customer Services


How many long term voids does Lewisham Homes have and for how long has each of the properties been left vacant? How much rent has been lost? How many of these have been squatted and how much has it cost to remove the squatters? Should Lewisham Homes decide to sell off these properties how many replacement homes would be bought?


Further to your question concerning long term voids within Lewisham Homes,
the information you have requested is detailed below:

The total number of long term void properties is 31 –

13 Lewisham Homes properties
18 ex-Dunlop Hayward properties

The average duration of a vacant property is:

Lewisham Homes Stock = 61 weeks
Ex Dunlop Hayward - LTV's Interim Managed = 135 weeks

The approximate rental loss for the period is £50,000

2 of the properties have been squatted and it costs an average of £650 per property to remove the squatters

With regard to selling the properties, as Lewisham Homes only manage the stock for the Council any decision concerning the sale of property and the assets from that sale would be with the London Borough of Lewisham.

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