3 August 2009

On Holiday

The benefits of a laptop and free wifi access in the hotel means that I can put a few pictures up and comments even whilst on holiday.

August is a time a relaxing - taking some time out -the schools are closed, cities are hot and tiring, and no-one likes politics.

My holiday this year is a bit of a childhood dream come true - a tour of Iceland. The name itself is one of those descriptive names. However, for many years I've wanted to come to Iceland - this I'm on my way!

The journey so far has been good fun and relatively uneventful. On Thursday morning we set set off for Dover at about 7 and arrived in good time for the ferry to Dunkirk. Making good progress we arrived in Muenster at aroun 19:00 and checked in. Muenster apparently has one of the highest levels of bicylce ownership in Germany - the number cyclists and cycles tracks in the City seemed to confirm this!Another advantage of Muenster is that you can still buy pick and mix - but we left too early...

Whenever we go on holiday there always seem to be elections - we saw this in Muenster:

Friday we travelled on to Copenhagen - catching the ferry from Puttgarden. A relatively expensive way to travel - but giving me, the driver, the chance to have a rest. From the ferry we get the first views of Denmark - wonder what caught my eye about Denmark?

Up early for the ferry to Iceland this morning and thought I'd finish off the holiday blog so far. It was Pride week in Copenhagen. Flags everywhere. One of the churches got in on the act too. And the photo shows my preferred way of getting around - hire a bike - loads of dedicated cycle lanes.

Even though we had the bikes, we did use public transport once - the cross river service.

And the greener alternative to patio heaters and the smoking ban (I don't smoke) - brewery-sponsored warm blankets

Must get up now - down to breakfast and then to the portt for the ferry to Iceland via the Faroes.

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hi dean and hello from brockley- it looks like you have a great holliday. Muenster is great! cycling is big and easy in germany. best for the rest of your hollidays. alma (lewisham arthouse)

ps: could you put luxmore gardens on your blog - thanks