25 July 2009

Soon be on holiday

I've had a very busy few weeks - trying to get through a lot of stuff before I go on holiday for the best part of August. Today however I have started to move into holiday mode.

Yesterday I had an earlyish start with my surgery at St Andrews Church - knowing that I won't be holding another one until late September - after the summer, the autumn conferences and the autumnal equinox. I may have had to turn the heating on for an hour or too by that time.

This afternoon I helped out at the Clare Road Estate Community Fun Day. After spending years seeing the Brockley Society BBQ at Hilly Fields, I finally got to use it. It's a fierce beast, but very efficient at cooking lots of food quickly.

After that, I had a quick break and freshen up before joining other members of the local party in Whitstable for the evening. This day is the traditional Lewisham Green Party day out - and we have returned to Whitstable. Today was the last day of the Oyster Festival:

In the picture above I am faking the eating of an oyster by the harbour - I'd had half a dozen earlier. I was slightly dissappointed that the oysters were from Maldon not Whitstable this time...and yes that is Sue Luxton, a bit cold and warming herself up with a glass of Pimms.

Being in Whitstable on a clear night gives a great opportunity for some arty shots:

Anyway at home now, enjoying a glass of wine. Will be in the office tomorrow finishing stuff off and go on holiday Thursday morning and I can't wait.

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