14 July 2009

A poor pastiche...or good job

A year a two ago there was a tragic fire destroying this building at the corner Upper Brockley and Geoffrey Roads. The bulding has been replaced. I was struck by how similar it was to the building that was there before, and how it has now been brought in use as housing again. The point being that frequently in the Conservation Area buildings proposed such as this have been dismissed as a 'poor pastiche' - what do you think? Isn't the building whilst not being an exact copy (but at a quick glance it is hard to spot the difference) of the existing buildings, simply good enough? Too good to be d


Tressillian James said...

Looks like an excellent job to me - I think pastiche is a term that is oftenused by planners with derision - surely the conservation area is one place where it works - as this picture clearly shows

Brockley Jon said...

Yep, I thoroughly approve. Looks almost identical, so the street keeps its character, but I'm sure inside you'll find longer lasting materials that are more energy efficient.

I have an open mind with brand new buildings in the area, but in this case replacing like with like was definitely the right approach.

Now we just need to sort the garage out next to it...