14 July 2009

Managing railway embankments

We have received a reply from the Chief Executive of Network Rail follwing concerns raised about the seemingly brutal works carried out along the tracks in Brockley and around. The reply is here:

About 4 or 5 years ago we had agressive cutting back of the embankments along the line that runs from Nunhead through Brockley to Lewisham (via the High Level Link). At the time the embankment was a barren place. However last night I walked past and was struck by the thickness of the vegetation and what appears to be a good mix of species. What do you think?

Looking back at Network Rail's response - it would appear to suggest that the overall plans for the embankments is to provide cover of the type pictured above at Brockley. The question has to be how best to get there - the brutal works undertaken in Brockley a few years whilst they appear to be successful now were a great cause of concern. The works undertaken that led to the motion and the letter from Network Rail show that things have not moved on sufficiently. Is it not possible to find ways of phasing such works to meet the demands of all, acheive the comprehensive cover, create a real leafy corridor, enhance biodiversity and increase the reliability of the trains and whilst not costing too much?

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