15 July 2009

Cracks in the pavement

I noticed these paving slabs on my way to the station this morning. Users of Brockley Station will be aware that this section pavement was repaired last week. However, either the slabs used were seconds and already cracked - or the vehicles that park up to service the advertising hoardings have already started to cause damage.

Either way it is pretty poor that within a week of the pavement being repaired it is cracking up. I will draw this to the attention of our highways people - who I am sure will be just as annoyed as I am. Whoever is at fault - the contractors or the advertising people - we should not just accept that Lewisham pays hundreds of thousands of pounds in an annual cycle of pavement repair and replacement just have them crumble in a matter of days.

1 comment:

Matt said...

I think the quality of slabs or concrete used was below par. There are other more potent ways to repair concrete cracks instead of replacing the entire slabs.

But what ever the cause the state department should keep a check such slip ups.