19 June 2009

Tree Works in Ladywell

Why is this particularly boring picture of tree roots in Ladywell here? Residents will be aware that tree works in Brockley, undertaken by the Brockley PFI have caused many problems - typically the problems are brutal works to mature trees. The PFI applied to fell 4 London plane trees - much like this one in the picture for causing very similar damage to a wall on Upper Brockley Road. The works look fairly straightforward and eminently doable - yet the pavement on Upper Brockley Road across from the Parade is still fenced off.


Sue said...

Dean - the works on Greatfield Close did involve the felling of at least one mature tree and came about only after about 2 years of people expressing concerns about the safety of the wall (which I don't think has been rebuilt yet), so possibly not the best example to give!

Cllr Dean Walton said...

One the contrary - where the trees are safe (as is the case on Upper Brockley Road - and they have a tree preservation order in place) the onus is on the owners and the others to not just keep the wall from collapsing but also to contribute to the general well being of the local area.

This picture is counter-intuitive - you'd think if you cut away roots like this the tree would fall down - which is why people 'understand' why trees sometimes need to come down. Some local residents supported the felling of the fantastic trees on UBR simply because they believed them to be dangerous. Lewisham's officers investigations found otherwise.

However taking the debate a bit further, there is an intrinsic value in our trees (I know you agree with me on that) - which is not considered when looking at how much it is worth spending on saving a mature tree like this. Sometimes it is not possible to save the tree at any cost - it is diseased or has got so damaged - other times there may be a good engineering solution to the problem but it's the cost that is the stumbling block.