14 June 2009

More delays

This poster advises of delays to the station ramps works - and pointedly puts the blame on Lewisham Council.

We have heard that delays may have occurred due to unforeseen soil contamination - despite soil surveys; or is it poor project management. I have put a full question down for next full Council.

"Can the Deputy Mayor provide a comprehensive update on the progress of the Brockley Station ramp including what the original budget was for this scheme; what the expected final cost of the current scheme is; what explanations there are for any differences; where any additional money has allocated from; when or whether asbestos was detected on the site; what the implications of this was; whether the original soil surveys should have picked this up? Were diversions put in place for cyclists and fully signed?"

Many, many times we are told that money is tight - yet financial rabbits appear out of hats all the time. Given the important location of this site in terms of the numbers of people expected to use it, it is vital to make it as welcoming and attractive as possible. We need to make sure every last penny is put to effective use and that means continuing to work closely with the community backing these improvements.

Whilst there appears to have been good liaison through the 'Partnership Group' incorporating Network Rail, Lewisham, Transport for London and the Brockley Cross Action Group - this liaison when the project is actually being implemented appears to work less effectively.

Hopefully, by the time I get a full answer the station will have reopened - but I'm still waiting for my invitation to the opening ceremony!

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Brockley Kate said...

Dean - just a thought - there was some concern from BXAG about the quality of materials to be used on the station approach - can you find out any more about this? I think there was a petition but I never heard whether BXAG got their wish!