28 May 2009

Permission for Nursery at 60 Manor Avenue Refused

Planning C refused planning permission for a 64 place nursery at 60 Manor Avenue tonight. After a full hour of evidence and debate, Cllr John Muldoon failed to get support from the other members of the committee for his proposal to accept. Following advice from officers Cllr Cathy Priddey and Cllr Sue Luxton proposed to reject the application on account of the detrimental impact of the 3m acoustic fence on neighbouring amenity and the impact on parking.

I spoke against the application citing the concerns of the fence, the loss of residential use, the impact on the contra-flow cycle lane in Ashby Road and noise. However I am not fundamentally opposed to nurseries and I also believe they can operate successfully in residential areas. But this nursery, for 64 places, would have been a particularly intensive operation in what is currently a quiet residential street. In short it appears that the commercial rationale for such a large nursery resulted in unacceptable impacts on other residents.

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Clare said...

I live next door to a nursery. It's completely within a residential area. It doesn't have an acoustic fence, just the normal walls of the garden. It has spaces for 32 only though.

We don't have much problem, just occasionally need to get the manager to remind parents to park considerately when dropping off, but many people walk to drop off anyway.