24 May 2009

London Loop - Source of the Ravensbourne

Inspired by a desire to find out more about surburban London and why they appeared to have voted in droves for Boris, I took the first step on the London Loop, a circular route around the edge of London.

Today's leg was from Petts Wood to Hayes - with particularly convenient transport from St Johns Station. My hope is to complete all of the route over the next year or so. All of the route is easu accessible from stations such as Hayes, Cockfosters & Hatton Cross - making it truly at the edge of London.

Highlights along the way included a stone bench as a memorial to the abolition of slavery (Pitt discussed the abolition of slavery with William Wilberforce here); an interesting selection of suburban architecture, (bungalows, Victorian terraces and sixties masionettes, and neat front gardens paved over of course with a garage adjacent to the house), the source of the Ravensbourne river (picture above) which of course comes through Lewisham and merges with the Quaggy at Lewisham Town Centre and then flows into Deptford Creek via Brockley's very own Brookmill Park.

Personally I think the source of the Ravensbourne could be much improved by finding a way to produce fresh water for visitors to drink it.

Anyway, the London Loop seems to be an excellent and green way to find out about London and it's very cheap - ideal at any time but particularly relevant in these recession-hit times.

Not sure if I'm any further to understanding why they voted for Boris Johnson in such numbers but suburban London certainly seems very different to Lewisham.


Matt Sellwood said...

Exploring the cradle of Sellwood! Many an hour spent wandering around Petts Wood when I was younger, with nowt better to do. :)


Sarah Cope said...

Ooh, the London Loop! I'm doing that too, albeit rather slowly. Already done the Capital Ring (which at 78 miles is somewhat shorter). I recommend the Capital Ring heartily.