20 May 2009

Lewisham Bridge School Update

This evening's Council meeting was dominated by a debate on the future of the Council's plans for a new school at Lewisham Bridge following the listing of that school by English Heritage.

The Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the following motion (something like 50 in favour, 2 against - the others being absent for various reasons, including Cllr Phoenix and the Mayor):

“This council reaffirms its commitment to addressing the need for additional secondary school places in the North of the borough and the growing demand for primary school places boroughwide; notes that a review of the decision by English Heritage to list Lewisham Bridge Primary School has been sought by the Council; understands the concerns of parents about the impact of the current decant upon their children’s education; therefore calls upon the Mayor to review these arrangements at the earliest possible opportunity; and further calls upon the Mayor to explore all options for building an all through school at Lewisham Bridge.”


Andrew Brown said...

Glad to see that the council is standing firm on ensuring there is a new school and that Lewisham Bridge remains the preferred site.

What options do you think the Mayor has for building the school, particularly if DCMS/English Heritage aren't minded to change their view?

Cllr Dean Walton said...

I recall that Officers are working on a range of options. One of these could be the possibility of retaining the existing buildings.

Of course the likelihood is that any alternative plans will both take longer and cost more.

Mat said...

Just thinking about the tragic plight of Lewisham with the developers taking over. Why is there no vision to give urban children space? There is plenty of room for the existing school to stay and for a new school on the adjacent site. Of course we would have to be saved the high rise development planned by Barretts. What is more important the education of children in an appropriate setting with all important playgrounds and opportunities for outdoor learning, or developer's profits?

I do know where the tower block mad mayor stands on this and we won't have green playing fields and a spacious site. Yet there are those who think an all through school is okay, and say it is akin to the situation in public schools. The only local private schools I know have the children in separate buildings and vast playing fields and other sports facilities. Why not go for excellance and have this for a state school in Lewisham.