5 May 2009

It's definitely not Lewisham

I had a fantastic time visiting the Steam Gala at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway this weekend. I go tthe chance to see Tornado, and see loads of fantastic scenery. I bought a souvenir fridge magnet of this sign and casually remarked to the volunteer in the shop that I was from Lewisham - which is why I was buying this particular magnet. His response was something along the lines of "you must be one of the last white people left in Lewisham" - which to say the least surprised me. I simply replied that I love the diversity of Lewisham. It transpired that the man had moved from Bromley about 20 years previously having loved spending time on the railway.

It is a bit sad that what appears to have infected his love of trains is a casual racism. Thankfully it appears to be a very unsophisticated form that simply assumes all white people share similar views - how wrong he was that day, how wrongly I believe he has misjudged the views of residents of Lewisham and how pleased I am that I had the opportunity to challenge his views.

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