24 April 2009

Boris Johnson's First Year Report

A slight departure from me but a first year report on Boris Johnson prepared by the other Johnson in City Hall, local Councillor, Darren Johnson

"As Boris Johnson marks his first year anniversary as London Mayor, Green Assembly Members have reflected on his first year in office.

He says he wants a fairer London for those at the bottom of the pile while championing low taxes and high bonuses for the rich. His record on the environmental agenda has been equally confusing. In spite of promising a greener, cleaner London he has abandoned the next phase of the Low Emission Zone, scrapped the higher congestion charge for the most polluting vehicles, backed the expansion of City Airport, cut funding for the London Cycle Network and cancelled work on a whole swathe of new public transport projects.

It is true that he has planted more trees and campaigned against Heathrow expansion. But overall his first year has been marked by one depressing announcement after another as yet more green initiatives are cancelled, abandoned or cut back.

Give Boris your marks out of ten for his first year!

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