14 March 2009

Women's Institute in Brockley

The Evening Standard reports that some students at Goldsmiths College are planning to start a students-branch of the Women's Institute.

Having lived in London since 18 (before that Hull) I've not had many dealings with the WI, but what I have seen or heard suggests that such a group could be a welcome addition to the civic scene here in Brockley. The WI have supported a number of 'Green Bills' including the Home Energy Conservation Act and the Sustainable Communities Act. I have seen WI markets where locally produced surplus food is traded amongst villagers at knock-down prices.

The traditional jam-making view may be out of date but it is popular. A local marmalade competition would be great - I already have 12 pots (all made with locally bought Seville oranges - the Broca market - thanks Erin).

The article is here

And in a way that shows how with the times they are, they've started a facebook group!

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