28 March 2009

A Very Early Easter Festival - A Brockley Pub Tour

I noticed this poster attached to the railings at the entry to Brockley Station for quite a few weeks ago. I know that Easter moves around from year to year, but 28 March is very early. On thursday I sent a picture of the poster to a friend and we decided that it would be interesting to go hunting for eggs in Crystal Palace around the various bars listed on the posters.

Perhaps Brockley could have an Easter event...closer to Easter and based on an interesting tour of the pubs (aka a crawl) around Brockley - The Royal Albert, The Little Crown (think that's its name), Goldsmiths Tavern, Hobgoblin, Marquis of Granby, Rose of Denmark, Albertines, Wickham Arms, Brockley Barge, I think there's a pub at Deals Gateway (hope I've not missed any of Brockley's pubs), Amersham Arms...also I think the kind and generous people of Brockley would allow adults to get stuck into chocolate bunny decorating - not like the mean people in Crystal Palace!

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