12 March 2009

New Plans for Loampit vale

Revised plans for Loampit Vale are about to be submitted by Barratt East London.

The letter I received this evening explains this "will include plans for the new leisure centre, including an 8 lane 25 metre pool; shops and commerical floor space; 788 new homes including affordable housing, and new public open spaces."

By way of comparison the original application promised a liesure centre including a a 25 metre competition pool, 819 new homes, of which 35% will be affordable, commercial and business units, creative industries, new public open spaces and piazzas.

On the face of it the major significant change is the reduction from 819 to 788 units - a reduction in the number of homes by 3.75%.

At this stage there is no indication as to whether the number of affordable units promised in the first application (35% of 819 - about 290) will increase, fall or remain the same. Or whether the proportion of units proposed will change.

On November 12 the Mayor of London, in relation to the original plans, was advised that "On balance, the application does not comply with the London Plan." para 127

And the report also highlights the five key areas where the plans could be amended to address their concerns. These are

• Housing
• Urban design
• Access and inclusive design
• Climate Change
• Transport

The plans should be available soon the developers website www.loampitvale.co.uk.

There will be an exhibition of the plans at Lewisham Shopping Centre between 26 & 27 March.

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