16 March 2009

Let's make it more of a regular feature!

The controversial station access ramp and revamp works are due to start! The works involve the closure of Coulgate Street for 16 weeks.

I really hope this encourages more people to see the potential benefits of either a permanent closure or certainly more frequent closures in relation to community events and market days.

My gut feeling is that the most significant hurdle to the full scale pedestrianisation is the budget and there is a concern that budgetary constraints will therefore impact negatively on any final shape implementent.

In addressng this hurdle, there is every chance of having a phased approach...think closure, then softening of pavements and kerbs to emphasis the shared 'pedestrian' first nature of the scheme, then full on blown proper surface to bring the scheme in its final full-on Brockley moves forward glory!

18:15 15 March 2009. An update.

Following comments to this blog, I followed up the non-siting of a sign at one end of Coulgate Street. I am pleased to say that a sign was clearly visible this evening as I came home.

In addition officers confirmed earlier this afternoon that letters were sent to residents and businesses in the local area on 3 March 2009.


Anonymous said...

That sign is only on one end of the road!!

Cllr Dean Walton said...

@anon - that is unfortunate given the experience of local residents/businesses the last time Coulgate Street was closed.

I will drop a note to Highways pointing this out - however my guess is that Highways/Contractors have sent a letter or similar to the local residents and businesses actually on and around Coulgate Street.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, even if they did not do that it doesn't offer a fair and considerate level of service to anyone who happens to be parked there - Coulgate St after all being a freely parkable stretch of the Queen's Highways.

Cllr Dean Walton said...


The assertion that this is 'a freely parkable stretch of the Queen's highway' is doubtful - It is today, but I would expect that Lewisham's Officers have put in place the relevant legal notices to actually close this street for the duration of the works so that it isn't tomorrow. However to expect that people consult the close-typed public notices pages of the South London Press before choosing where to park is of course ridiculous - but it still does not alter the legal status of this park of Lewisham's road.

However the point that you have raised about whether through formal/legal notices is the right way to communicate with residents/people then I think you could have a point. As it is, I have asked Lewisham's officers to tell me what has been done and will post some information on this when I find out. When we have this we'll be in a proper position to see whether it was reasonable.

Cllr Dean Walton said...

Lewisham's officers have confirmed that letters were sent out on 3 March - ir 2 weeks before the closure. Officers also report that one of the recipients has called back with a comment in relation to the letter which suggest that they have been received.

Officers are also checking into the locations of the signs and will report back.

If you require any further information on this then please email me directly, as the comments on this have moved away fromn discussing the merits or otherwise of the pedestrianisation of the scheme.