31 March 2009

Hobgoblin Stays Open

The Hobgoblin has kept hold of its license following a detailed review of the pub and the impact it has had on its neighbours in nearby Telegraph Hill. After hearing evidence from New Cross Councillors, Cross, Page and Flood, Lewisham's Officers, the Police, the licensee, his solicitor, his manager and his noise consultant and myself (the pub is in Brockleyt Ward), the committee decided to vary the licence and imposed 16 conditions.

One of the conditions was to agree to the setting up of quarterly monitoring meetings with local residents, which I will attend. It was clear from the evidence that there was an issue with noise from this premises, and this was acknowledged by the Licensee. If these conditions and the like fail to address the problem (and I'm hopeful they will) I want to ensure that we know about it and can help find a prompt solution without the time-consuming and slow recourse to the Committee.

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