19 March 2009

Coulgate Street

I was contacted by the Mercury today in relation to the proposals to pedestrianise Coulgate Street that have been discussed here, on Brockley Central, at the Brockley Assembly and also by the Brockley Cross Action Group and the petition organised by them.

I am thrilled at the way that this campaign appears to have taken off - there's a real buzz about it. The closure of the street for works to the station ramp, offers an opportunity to see what the permanent impact of the closure would be and how of the downsides can be accomodated.

There is the scope for bringing about a massive improvement in and around Brockley Station, working on the firm foundations of the lovely garden close to the entrance, the Brockley Common, and the station ramp. The buildings on Coulgate with the unique (for Brockley) row of small cottages would be a lovely backdrop to a new public space.

I see a new public space where there could be an outdoor cafe, space for a street market, the Christmas Fair, other events. Fantastic. The pedestrianisation is an idea that's way overdue - and I believe that we have an opportunity to bring it about.

12:00 An update

It takes a bit of imagination, and the ability to ignore the ugly fence, but at its heart, there's a big space here. Add it to the garden, get rid of kerbs, nice paving stones, good lighting, a piece of public art and we're there!

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