13 March 2009

A Community Orchard for Brockley?

Last November it was decided that the Brockley Councillors should agree to spending up to £500 on a feasibility study for a community orchard here in Brockley.

In order for the study to go ahead we'll need to identify a potential site that the consultant can look at in some detail and produce a report.

The purpose of the report would be to help us decide how to take the plans forward if a suitable site was found. The Sustainable Development commission has an interesting report about an orchard in my home town of Hull, the Pickering Community Orchard.

It would be great if you could post your suggestions here. Once I have a few I'll give them to the consultant and see if I can ask him to select one for more study.


Sue said...

Dean, that site on Lucas Street that is covering the railway line - it might not be suitable for planting trees onto etc, but would smthg like this work there?

Cllr Dean Walton said...

Sue...I like it!

On the brockleycentral blog I made a suggestion of having a Brockley Bush Garden or growing hops for a Brockley Brew on this site!


fiona said...

I like this idea. Good use of the assemblies money. Fiona