17 March 2009

A busy day

Moving away from the issues of the day - to my day.

In addition to being a councillor I have a full-time job. I have an agreement with my employer that subject to the ability of me to deliver on my committments, I can work my 36 hours a week over 4 rather than the traditional 5, which leaves me free to concentrate on councillor issues/stuff on a Tuesday. This also explains why I am able to take photos at Brockley Station at 0600. Today is such a 'day off'.

Today I plan to :

(1) Read the Local Development Framework and draft comments

(2) Meet with the Local Assemblies Co-ordinator to discuss issues coming out of the last Brockley Assembly

(3) Meet with Planning Officers in preparation for the meeting of Planning Committee A on Thursday

(4) Meet with the Director of a local charity that I met at the Brockley Assembly to see how we might work together in a innovative project in the run up to the Olympics. More on this later

(5) Meet with a local resident to discuss private casework issues

The above is in addition to reading and responding to the various issues that have cropped up, new queries that residents have raised with me.

So, if I have so much to do, why am I blogging about this? Simple - I enjoy blogging and have 5-10 minutes spare after a spot of housework and before I get on with working through my to-do list.

1510 An update
Well running behind schedule - and still not had the chance to read the LDF. A copuple of urgent issues have come that I need to deal with. Another cup of tea, a couple of calls and then I'm off to Deptford.

2150 An update
I have spent the evening researching the Sustainable Communities Act for an item that is coming up to the Constitution Working Party on Thursday.

The envelope arrived this evening at about 2000 - twice a week (tuesday and thursday) I get an envelope delivered to my home with all the papers, documents, agendas etc that I have been sent. I have been through it and recycled a lot straight away.

Still not had a chance to read that LDF!

Off to bed soon - perhaps my bedtime reading could be...perhaps not.

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