21 March 2009

Brockley Common - Short Update

Some readers may be aware that there's been an exchange of views on the progress/implementation of the station ramp and its relationship with the wider Brockley Common project. However the Civil Engineering Manager at Lewisham confirmed yesterday:

"You will be pleased to know that the project engineer met with BXAG's designer for the Brockley Common project this morning and that all design issues revolving around the agreed works in future will be discussed at this local forum [the steering group] which will be convened as and when required."

Which sounds like a good step forward.

If the idea of a pedestrianisation scheme is to work out, we will need to work with Lewisham's officers, highways and the like as well as building a broad base of support amongst the local people. It's good to see that the relationship which has come under some strain in recent months appears to be improving now.

24 March 2009 Further Update

A member of the BXAG has confirmed:

"I can confirm that i am meeting Gill Redrup tomorrow at 10.30 (Tuesday 24/3) at which various design issues will be discussed and I hope that all outstanding matters will be clarified and agreed. Obviously relieved to receive confirmation that the works that are proceeding will involve the agreed Cathedra Stone paving materials and step units and that orders have been placed to this effect. Hope all other concerns can be allayed/addressed tomorrow."

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