16 January 2009

Jean Lambert - London's Green MEP

After a substantial break from blogging I'm coming back (slowly)...this time with an overtly party political post. I never needed convincing that London needed a Green MEP, and I don't need convincing that Jean Lambert has been an excellent MEP both for the Party but more importantly for London. I've worked with Jean before she was elected and since - her committment and dedication are second to none. This post is my way of offering support to Jean, and also a fitting way to re-enter the blogging world!

In 1999, Jean was elected as London's first Green Party MEP - and in 2004, she was re-elected with an increased share of the vote. On June 4th 2009, she faces re-election again - but due to EU enlargement, there are less European Parliament seats to go around in the UK, and more votes are needed every time to achieve re-election.

The work of the European Parliament can sometimes feel remote from people's everyday experience - but nothing could be further from the truth. Much of the UK's environmental, social and human rights legislation is now decided at an EU level, and the often unheralded work of our MEPs makes an enormous difference to the shape and impact of those laws. Jean has been tireless in working for social justice, environmental sustainability and peace - as recognised by the fact that she was named Justice and Human Rights MEP of the year in 2005.

Among other issues, Jean has focused on trade union rights, fairer treatment for asylum seekers, and the abolition of the UK opt-out to the Working Time Directive. She has been a prominent voice in proving that Green issues are not confined to the environment, but are concerned with building a more fair and just society. There is little doubt that she is one of the most progressive voices anywhere in UK politics today.

And now, she needs YOUR help! To continue her excellent work in Europe, Jean needs to get the message out to millions of Londoners - and she can only do that if progressive voters spread the word, volunteer, and donate to her campaign. She isn't funded by corporations, lobbyists or millionaires - instead, her re-election campaign is relying on the efforts of ordinary Londoners.

Could you spare £10/£20 to help re-elect one of the UK's most effective and progressive politicians? Or perhaps you could spare an hour or two to volunteer with the campaign? If you'd like to donate online, please, visit http://tinyurl.com/8rh9qh - and if you'd like to volunteer in any way, contact the campaign at reelectjean@hotmail.co.uk, and keep in touch with developments through Facebook at http://tinyurl.com/6e8ceh. Jean can keep changing things for the better - but only with your help!