28 April 2008

Vote Green on the Peach!

Thursday is election day in London.

I have a very very simple message to people in London. Our candidate for Mayor, Sian Berry is unlikely to win the race for Mayor of London. However she has every chance of being elected to the London Assembly on the Londonwide top-up list. This will only happen if enough Londoners vote for Greens on the list - this time round the ballot paper for the top-up list is 'Peach'. So remember, when you go to the polls, if you want more of this, youi'll have to look for the peach.

The race for the Mayor is proving to be very tight. For that reason, we are advising Green supporters to vote '1' for Sian and '2' for Ken Livingstone; Ken Livingstone is advising his supporters to give their second prefence vote to Sian.


Andrew Brown said...

Except Ken's advice is to put him first, of course.

Cllr Dean Walton said...

Andrew - you are quite right of course. I have amended the original post - so anyone reading this now will not really understand what we're talking about!