26 April 2008

Planning - Rear of 10 Malpas Road

Planning permission was granted for 11 1 & 2 bed flats at the rear of 10 Malpas Road. The site overlooks Luxmore Gardens, considered by some as an improvement in 'natural surveillance' - considered by others as allowing future occupants of the flats the right to be 'nosy and intrusive' as regards users of the Luxmore Gardens park.

However the scheme, despite well-voiced concerns by local residents against the impact on the trees, the scale of the building, over-looking, and added to that my concerns about the complete lack of affordable housing (more on this later), the creation of a postage stamp-sized (sorry courtyard) garden from a good-sized family home at 10 Malpas Road, permission was granted, and that only 'ambulant-disabled' will be able to get around the site.

I was particularly annoyed that no attempt whatsoever had been made at any stage of the development to negotiate on the issue of providing affordable housing. The reason given by the officer at the committee was that it would 'unreasonable' to include a reference to the issue of affordable housing at this stage. Yet this completely ignores the fact that it was clear when the application was originally submitted the threshold for requiring affordable homes was about to be reduced from 15 to 10 homes - so-called 'emerging policy'. I have asked Lewisham's officers for an explanation of the precise point at which the threshold is considered to have changed.

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Brockley Jon said...

This is very worrying to hear about, Dean. More annoying, is that I live closeby and this is the first I've heard of it - after permission is granted! I wish that more residents would be consulted when schemes of this size are planned, as I'm a user of Luxmore gardens, and I'm sure I'll be affected.

This is just one of many dire planning decisions that have been made recently in the Brockley area. I am beginning to wonder what goes on at the planning department.