27 April 2008

Brockley Fun Run

What a great way to start Sunday morning with a five kilometre trot around Hilly Fields. Despite the name, you forget why they are called 'Hilly Fields' - struggling up them reminds you in a particularly forceful way.

Back in November last year Erin approached the three local councillors with her idea for a Brockley Fun Run and requested some money from our 'Localities Fund' for help get things up and running. We put the idea to the meeting in November 2007 and we all agreed that it was worth spending this money to help establish a new 'Community Wide' event in Brockley that was both good fun and could help improve the health of people in Brockley.

Today's event was everything it promised to be...and more. It was good fun, it introduced a wide range of people to the joys of running in our lovely open spaces, it provided a bit of a spectacle on a pleasant Sunday morning, and further it brought together a large number of people in Brockley. Finally, I hope that this is the first such 'Fun Run' of many, and that this can become a more regular event in the Brockley Calendar.

Well done to the Brockley Cross Action Group and the organisers, Erin in particular.

The results are available here. I came in 91st place with a time of 30:33.

Here are some of my pictures of the event:





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