18 October 2007

Report of Full Council

Bullet points only - it's late!

* Series of questions from public & myself on ongoing anti-social behaviour problems of Upper Brockley Road - the Mayor himself has appears to have taken control of this particular problem

* Cumulative Impact Zones in New Cross & Blackheath agreed - there will essentially be a presumption against new licensed premises in these areas

* Mayor's 'Strand 1' Efficiency savings agreed - we were assured that these are genuine efficiency savings and not cuts - but watch this space as I will want to monitor the impacts of these so-called efficiencies on front-line services

* Agreed to promotion of new 'London Local Authorities Bill' (download the Agenda and look at Items 9 & 10 for more detail - a range of interesting powers requested including the right to raise a levy on plastic bags, chewing gum & to request a deposit from developers to ensure that roads etc can be made good when they have built their development - again watch this space

* Motion on 'Planning Brief' for 'Green Man, Tigers Head, Courts' site in Whitefoot Ward - essentially an election pledge made by Labour, but brought to full Council. One of my earlier posts on this blog was about the Green Man (interestingly Lewisham won the appeal despite officers' advice on this one) - AGREED

* Motion on fair-banding in schools - watered down by Labour amendment but AGREED

* It was very unfortunate but our motion on Adult Social Care as amended by Labour fell off the agenda due to lack of time - we resubmitted within seconds of the end of the meeting so that it will be first next time...more on this soon.

* New member, Cllr Pete Pattison, made his maiden speech in the chamber tonight and also an audacious bid to represent the Council on a Deptford-based charity on account of him living in Deptford. I supported Cllr Paul Maslin on account of him being a councillor for a Ward in Deptford, Cllr Pattisson of course representing Whitefoot right at the other end of the borough.

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