28 October 2007

An English Parliament?

Much talk this weekend about removing the right of Scottish MPs to vote on 'English' matters from the Tories. It strikes me that the Tories are cynically pushing their own party political advantage over the interests of the country as a whole. Why do I think this? Simply that if you remove the Scots & Welsh MPs from the Commons then they have a majority. That's the bizarre nature of our first past the post democracy - it's not the party with the most votes that wins but the one with the most seats!

Clearly the Tories are right to address a very real deficit in our democracy, but their solution does not go far enough. In order for the proposals suggested by the Tories to work in any fair sense, we need to back this up with a change to proportional representation for this 'English Parliament'.

Now of course I'll be accused of playing the party political card along with the Tories, since under PR we know that Greens get elected. However to any of the cynics out there, remember that I was elected in a first-past-the-post election where my Party got 47% of the vote and we're working to get Green MPs elected at the next General Election under the current system. But I must admit it would be more straightforward under PR.

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