29 September 2007

Lewisham Gateway...4th October

I'll be spending this weekend re-reading the Committee Report for the Lewisham Gateway application that is due to be considered by the Strategic Planning Committee on 4th October 2007.

The application was due to be considered early September but was literally pulled an hour and a half before the meeting due to unresolved 'issues' with the Environment Agency - this was to do with the modelling of the flood risks etc. These have now been resolved, new conditions added to the application which should be considered on 4th as planned.

However there has been a last minute challenge made directly to the planning department for a further public meeting on the application. The call has come from a number of local groups including the Ladywell Society, Greenwich & Lewisham Friends of the Earth and QWAG (Quaggy Waterways Action Group). These groups explain that since the postponement of the application a significant number of new objections have been made and that a public meeting will be the best way to address these.

How do I stand on the 'Gateway' as planned - quite honestly I cannot say. It is a legal requirement that I consider the application with an open mind on the basis of the evidence put before me - that is the presentation by the developers, the objectors on the evening and the advice of Lewisham's officers on what are the relevant planning issues that should be considered.

I'll report back in a few days...assuming the meeting goes ahead.

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