25 September 2007

After a bit of a break...

You don't update for a few days...that stretches to a week or two and then it's almost embarassing to think about it...

Just for the record here are some of the issues/groups/events I can remember over the last few months:

Clare Road Tenants & Residents Association/Introduction of the PFI
Brockley Safer Neighbourhood Team
Healthy Brockley
Hillyfields Summer Fayre
Brockley Max Festival
Lewisham People's Day
Anti-social/criminal behaviour in Brockley
The Green's response to the Local Development Framework (more on this later)
Elected chair of Planning 'A'
Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) & Refugee/Asylum Seeker issues in Lewisham - as lead member for the Stronger Safer Communities Select Committee on these areas
Studying the background papers for the Lewisham Gateway
Brockley Art Commission with the Brockley Cross Action Group
Green Party Conference in Liverpool - as a member of the Standing Orders Committee that means a far old bit of work before the Conference preparing papers etc
Holidays - Norway & the Green Man Festival in Wales (muddy)
The budget (where I left off last time...) & Lewisham's financial outlook for the next five years
And of course the day job...


Sue Luxton said...

blimey! I thought you'd given up on this!

Cllr Dean Walton said...

The posts were so out of date I needed to either take the blog down or bring it back into use...