1 December 2006

Brockley lights up...

Just back from the first Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Brockley. What a great success it was too. The singing started at about 6 o'clock...and at about 6:15 the children arrived from the lantern-making session at St Peter's Church. The timing was perfect. As we were in the middle of singing "Christian children all should be,mild, obedient, good as He" the kids were crossing the road....let's hope the children were listening and remember to be mild & obedient on 25th. We had the unusual sight of a bucket passed round full of mince pies...rather than it being used for a collection! Father Christmas was there (I left the green Father Christmas outfit at home - no one likes politics at this type of event!!!).

A fantastic start to what should hopefully be a lasting and new tradition for the heart of Brockley. Well done to the organisers.

And what is the relevance of the picture...well it's me looking out of the royal palace in Prague (yes it's a bad joke...).